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Multilingual customer support chat

Askly multilingual customer support chat is the only fully set up and ready-to-use live chat to guarantee excellent customer experience.

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Multilingual customer support chat

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Join companies building strong customers relations with Askly

Multilingual customer support chat

Chat support

Multilingual customer support chat creates new clients

Chats and bots leave often customers feeling frustrated. That’s why we take a different approach. Askly was built with a focus on consumer psychology and empathy, ensuring that everyone who visits your website has a positive experience every time.


Longer web sessions


less abandoned carts

5 hours

time saved per agent

NO more annoying chats

Offer multilingual customer support

Askly for e-commerce

It fits perfectly any e-commerce website platform, as well as custom-made sites. With Askly it’s easy to lower the abandoned cart rate and provide the best customer experience. Engage with your customers at the right moment, increase sales, and deliver exceptional customer service.

14 days full access, on us. Zero-commitment.

Multilingual customer support chat

Askly for service providers

Widely used by hotels, beauty salons, restaurants, insurance companies, car services, and more! With Askly you can build stronger customer relations. Whether you’re looking to increase bookings or offer better customer service, Askly is ideal for you.

Askly for partners

Are you dedicated to improving online customer experience? You can be confident that Askly helps to boost customer satisfaction and increase sales. Our partnership program allows you to earn from recommending our powerful live chat software. Book a demo and start earning while helping your clients achieve their goals.

A closer look at unique features

More than an average chat

Plug-and-play 5-star chat

Askly comes all-inclusive. No single annoying feature. It has built-in all communication channels in any language. Makes every customer feel comfortable on your site.

Multilingual customer support

Askly automatically opens in your customers’ preferred language. Your team answers in their native language. High-quality auto-translation applies smoothly.

Reduce abandoned carts

Chat setup is essential in helping more people complete transactions on your website. Askly is designed to help you turn max visitors into loyal customers.

All communication channels 1-click away

In addition to live chat, add email form, FAQs, phone number, Whatsapp, Viber or Skype into Askly. Keep customers’ focus on the product page.

Access chat history

Easily backtrack conversations when your customers return. Unlike most of the chats, Askly saves every conversation for the customers too.

Team collaboration tools

Assign conversations, leave notes, add tags and also track your team’s performance. Reply from desktop or smartphone. Teams love using Askly.