The shift from Zendesk to Askly and the consolidation of customer service channels led Punktid Technologies to a 4X reduced customer service budget through the following strategies:

  • Channeling phone and email inquiries to the live chat
  • All customer queries are resolved at the point of purchase via Askly live chat within maximum 10 minutes and half of them less than 2 minutes
  • Implementation of a centralized repository of replies, all customer conversations, and analytics
  • Efficient team structure, consisting of two agents and one supervisor managing operations
Transformative Customer Service: Punktid Technologies' 75% Cost Reduction

Punktid Technologies, a popular provider in the mediation of the world's best-known video games and video game gift cards in an online environment, faced the challenge of managing multiple communication channels, leading to inefficiency in its customer support services.

The Challenge: Streamlining Communication for Enhanced Customer Support

Managing different platforms became arduous and costly due to the need to be available through phone, email, live chat, and Facebook. We made a bold move to focus solely on website communication with Askly and it paid off.

said Hannes Niid, the CEO of Punktid Technologies.

Transformative Customer Service: Punktid Technologies' 75% Cost Reduction

Strategy: Consolidating Customer Communication Channels

In a strategic move to enhance its customer support services, Punktid Technologies decided to revamp its communication strategy:

  1. They removed phone and email support options from their website, focusing solely on communication at the point of purchase via live chat through the Askly platform.

    By consolidating their website chat and Facebook messages into Askly's streamlined interface, Punktid Technologies successfully reduced the complexity of managing multiple platforms, fostering a more seamless and efficient customer support experience.

  2. They optimized operational costs by leveraging a global workforce and using Askly's real-time translation.

    Their team set up a system to ensure the quality of customer service and used Askly to track agent performance and customer interactions closely.

Their courageous decision to prioritize website communication exclusively led to a notable surge in SEO performance and a fourfold increase in website session duration.

Key Outcomes: Enhanced Efficiency and Multilingual Support with Askly

  • Leveraging the Power of Askly: Punktid Technologies adopted Askly to facilitate a multilingual, more efficient, and user-friendly customer support process for their team.
  • Streamlined Multilingual Support: With a diverse customer base spanning multiple languages, Punktid Technologies benefited immensely from Askly's seamless real-time translation and multilingual interface, enabling hiring support agents without any language barriers.
  • Significantly Reduced Operational Costs: Punktid Technologies witnessed a remarkable 75% reduction in customer service costs.

At Punktid Technologies, supervision has played a crucial role in building a comprehensive database of quick replies, ensuring swift and precise customer interactions. This streamlined approach has significantly reduced typing efforts, bolstering overall team productivity and fostering an exceptional customer experience.

Implementing Askly's groundbreaking real-time translation feature has revolutionized the customer support landscape, eliminating language barriers and facilitating seamless communication across diverse linguistic backgrounds.

This has empowered Punktid Technologies to effortlessly hire customer service agents worldwide, providing proficient assistance to customers in Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, English, and Russian, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and global accessibility.

We continually aim to provide a seamless and exceptional experience for gamers and enthusiasts looking for the best video games and gift cards.

added the executive Hannes Niid.

With Askly they have successfully modernized their customer support operations, ensuring a more streamlined and effective approach to catering to their diverse customer base.

Looking Forward: Embracing the Future of Customer Support

Punktid Technologies remains committed to leveraging innovative solutions such as Askly to enhance its customer support services continually.

With a dedicated team managing customer queries and ensuring quick responses, they are poised to provide unparalleled support and assistance to their valued customers. They aim to position as an industry leader in online video game mediation in the Baltics.

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